About KOP

Our Vision is a world where all children thrive through health and education.

Our Mission is to work in partnership with local organisations to deliver school based health and nutrition interventions and to inspire groups of university students to become advocates for change.

KOP is a UK registered charity committed to supporting the health and education of orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa. Our projects and partners are currently focussed in western Kenya.

Linked to the project work in Africa is an active UK student programme in which KOP university groups provide direct support for projects. Through participation in projects and the KOP student programme students gain education and experience of global child health.

KOP is a small, home-grown organisation with a very small staff. We believe passionately in alleviating suffering and in working hard to build a better future for children. This can be best and most sustainably achieved by working with partners and by encouraging the active participation of UK volunteers to create a new generation of advocates for children.

There is a lot more information about KOP, who we are and what we do throughout this website. You can read over the site or drop us an email to find out more.