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Oasis of Hope - Never Ever Give Up!

Date Posted: 31 January 2013

KOP are pledging to help Oasis of Hope Secondary School work toward sustainability by funding a new dormitory. 

The wonderfully inspirational Oasis of Hope Secondary School was started only 6 years ago and already your support has helped it gain a place amongst the top 10 schools in Kisumu East District.

Located on the outskirts of Nyalenda slum, the school provides low cost secondary education to the brightest children from the slum area, who would otherwise not be able to access education to lift themselves out of poverty. True to its motto, Oasis of Hope aims to inspire its students with the strength to "Never Ever Give Up".

KOP has contributed to the structural development of Oasis of Hope since 2010.  Initially, with support from Danone Waters UK, KOP was able to provide a new school building with four new classrooms.  Since then, with the wonderful support from riders from the Making Tracks fundraising cycle, Festival Republic and numerous KOP students, we have been able to fund the addition of two new classrooms, a dinaing hall and an ablution block. All in the last 3 years!

Now, KOP is really excited to be able to extend its support for the school’s long term sustainability plan by funding the construction of a girls’ dormitory. Two new dormitories are to be built, one each for boys and girls, to be completed in March 2013. KOP aims to match fund a donation from another (local) donor who will be funding the boys’ dorm.

 Haggai Kadiri, Director and Founder of Oasis of Hope, explains the need for the new dormitory:

“The dormitory will help Oasis of Hope in 2 ways. Firstly, the sustainability of the school… by attracting students that can in the long run pay money to support the school. Secondly, retention of extremely bright students… only 18% of the pupils are living with their parents, so for the others finding food and a proper place to stay is difficult.”

 Currently the school is reliant on donors to develop any facilities or services and, due to their limited funds, they have found it difficult to retain volunteer teachers which has had an impact on the quality of teaching for the pupils. Once the two dormitories are built, each housing 50 students, the school will receive monthly income from their local donor to support the pupils boarding at the school. The additional income will also fund meals for all of the pupils, much needed school equipment, such as books and textbooks, as well as small allowances for teachers to improve retention and ultimately enable better teaching standards at the school.

Students or KOP supporters who have visited Oasis of Hope in the last few years will testify to the amazing learning environment that has been created here which allows it’s pupils to thrive. School Director Kadiri speaks proudly of the successes of his students:

 “In the mock exams, out of 66 schools in 2 Districts, Oasis Girls came first in business studies and overall the school came in position 2 for Agriculture. The school came 19th out of 66 schools overall… We are confident and sure that in our own district we will be in the top 10 for the KCSE exams.”

We really want to maximise this potential by helping improve the services and resources available at the school to help Oasis pupils realise their ambitions. If you have visited the school and been inspired and would like to contribute to this development then please donate here and reference ‘Oasis Girl’s Dorm’ so that it goes toward this project.

Thank you.