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Positive feedback from the Alumni Survey!

Date Posted: 25 January 2013

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Alumni Survey!

We had a great response, some really encouraging feedback as well as some constructive comments that will help us to improve our contact with you, our lovely and loyal supporters.

We are using the info we gathered to make sure that we are improving our work in the way YOU want. Over the coming months we hope you’ll see the positive changes we are making. To name but a few - we will be developing our website further to communicate better about what KOP is and does, we will be gathering more stories from the field to help you feel connected to the real lives of the children your money supports, and we are hosting a Leadership Training Weekend in April to improve our offering to our University Leaders and help empower them to maximise both their leadership potential and their group's enjoyment of their trip to Kenya.  

In the meantime, we want to share some of the highlights from the survey.

Survey highlights:

We’re extremely pleased that 100% of students that have participated in the Student Programme trips since 2005 agreed that the trip was an enjoyable and memorable experience:

"KOP has changed my life! I would not be where I am today without the amazing experiences, opportunities and contacts I have made through KOP... I cannot thank the KOP team enough for all their support and encouragement together with the fantastic opportunities offered to me. I hope that many more studens continue to be involved in KOP and gain as much from it as I did."

(To find out more about the Student Programme and how to sign up - please click here.)

We’re really proud to share with you that 85% of students have been inspired by KOP to learn more about global child health.

"It was a fantastic opportunity to see how much help can be given to children, and with very simple facilities. It has definitely shaped my career in confirming my desire to return to like regions of the world as much as possible once I have qualified."

It’s not just the student programme that’s having a really positive impact on people’s lives.  KOP have run a number of fundraisers and challenges that have engaged and inspired our supporters to do something different.  100% of KOP supporters involved in such challenges strongly agreed that their KOP experience had left a positive impact on their perspective.  

"Making Tracks was a fantastic challenge - the camaraderie and real 'feel-good' spirit of the trip was amazing. The chance to visit the projects at the end of the cycle was a very humbling experience and seeing where all the money raised would be spend gave us a real connection with the charity. Since the trip I have been volunteering with KOP and am really enjoying the opportunity to be more involved."

KOP really does change lives, both in Kenya and the UK.